Your Content Marketing Career

How do you advance your content marketing career? Because people enter the field from many paths (journalism, brand marketing, and public relations, for example), the path ahead isn’t always clear.

These resources will help you take control of your current position and your employment future.

Have you lost your job in the recent layoffs? Are you worried you could be next? Or are you looking for ways to support colleagues who were let go?

In a recent edition of our Ask the #CMWorld Community livestream, we sat down with J.T. O’Donnell of Work It Daily and Amy Vaughan of Together Digital to chat about advice and resources for those who are unexpectedly job hunting or want to help people who have lost their jobs. If you missed the live interview, catch up now.

Content Marketing Career & Salary Outlook

Our research into content marketing careers and salaries will help you understand how to build a case for what you need in your current job, reveal which skills other content marketers plan to invest in, and show how your salary stacks up against others.

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