Author: Heidi Mausbach

Heidi Mausbach is a business and marketing strategist with more than 15 years’ experience working with local companies and Fortune 500 brands. As President and CEO of Ervin & Smith, Mausbach guides the agency’s “best places to work” culture, oversees all strategic initiatives, and sets the vision for the agency’s future. Follow her on Twitter @heidimausbach.

By heidi-mausbach published June 4, 2015

Focus on Your Model Team: Hire Modern T-Shaped Employees


More agencies and brands must seek multidimensional employees to adapt to the seismic shift in expectations from CMOs and customers.

Customers today expect brands to understand what they want, engage with them on their terms, and deliver a seamless experience – online and offline. To meet these evolving needs, marketing teams must not only deliver truly integrated brand experiences, but also have a solid understanding of business, work with data, incorporate technology, make due with leaner budgets, and prove ROI.Continue Reading