Author: Miguel Conner

Miguel is marketing director at qSample, a research and data collection firm in Chicago. He also consults for several companies including Free Green Concepts, J. Edward Lending, and Wellness Modalities. He has published dozens of articles and several books including Voices of Gnosticism, Stargazer, and The Executioner’s Daughter. His greatest and only passion is storytelling. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

By miguel-conner published July 23, 2015

Recharge Your Content Marketing: 5 Things to Do Today

5 ways-grounded-cover

You don’t always have to reach for the stars. Following a lofty content marketing strategy can be exciting and successful, but sometimes it’s helpful to stay grounded and follow sound content marketing truisms.

I’ve created a list of five “just-for-today” mandates in the hope that you can recharge those marketing batteries before your next starry voyage.Continue Reading