Author: Paige Sjoblom

Paige Sjoblom is a social media strategist at CLEARLINK, where she continues to explore and grow their social media channel. When she's not geeking out on SMM, you’ll find her relaxing with hot yoga, trying a new recipe, or hiking in the great outdoors. You can follow Paige on Twitter @paigesjoblom.

By paige-sjoblom published December 16, 2015

5 Must-Have Tools for the Brainy Social Media Manager


With so many social media tools available, you have to decide which are worth paying for and which ones you can use minimally, for free. I share some of the lesser-known tools I’ve grown to love for their unique and valuable offerings. Some have a free plan, while others will set you back a dime or two. But all of them will enhance your day-to-day social media strategy implementation, while simplifying the process.Continue Reading