Author: JP Misenas

JP Misenas is the content marketing director and audio/visual technician/engineer of Interact, a place for creating entertaining and engaging quizzes that generate email leads. He writes about innovative ways to connect with customers and to build professional long-lasting relationships with them. Follow Interact on Twitter @tryinteract.

By jp-misenas published December 18, 2015

The Lowdown on Creating Personalized Quizzes to Boost Your Marketing


Boring content won’t generate the amount of leads you want. As a content marketer, you want to be able to find some form of content that consistently performs well with your audience. Pair that up with personalization and you could improve your click-through rates by 14%, and conversion rates by 10%, according to Aberdeen Group research. But what kind of personalized content can deliver those kinds of results?

Consider how popular social media quizzes have become in the past couple of years. Are you seeing a connection? What if you could integrate quizzes with your marketing strategy to gain the upper hand in audience engagement? Throw in personalized results and we’re talking about a substantial increase in lead generation.Continue Reading