Author: Karen Ronning-Hall

Karen Ronning-Hall is the co-founder of Kaia Communications, an agency that specializes in helping high-tech organizations reach larger audiences for their ideas, products, and services. Her 20+ years in high-tech marketing and technical communications reflects her love of content development and innovative technologies. Karen is passionate about researching and sharing communication best practices. Follow her on Twitter @karenronning.

By karen-ronning-hall published December 22, 2015

Study Reveals 8 Tips on How to Influence Behavior With Personalized Content


How do you make effective, engaging content that gets people to take action? Take some lessons from Carlos Abler, leader of content marketing strategy for 3M Global eTransformation. At the Intelligent Content Conference, Carlos demonstrated how personalized content can not only change behavior but also transform lives.

In his presentation about a University of Michigan case study, he described how a six-week program of personalized online content reduced smoking and increased healthy behaviors for the young adults who were enrolled in the study.Continue Reading