Author: Cyd Casados

Cyd Casados is a freelance writer, actress, voiceover artist, and presenter. Cyd has been a writer and editor since 2007, working across both print and digital. In 2015 she published her first e-book, The Daily Action Plan: Steps to Creating a Priority-Filled Life. Follow her on Twitter @cydcasados.

By cyd-casados published January 15, 2016

8+ Tips to Create a Great Script for Successful Videos


You probably took great care in choosing the actors, voice-over artists, and presenters to make your video successful, but to really get the most out of videos you have to start with a great script.

As an actress, voice-over artist, presenter, and copywriter I have a unique perspective. While some scripts are truly brilliant, many are overly complicated, jargon-heavy, or simply try to do too much.Continue Reading