Author: Patrick Garvey

As Director of Business Intelligence/Analytics at Centerline Digital, Patrick Garvey harnesses data to facilitate metric driven content strategies that allow organizations to optimize customer conversion and ROI. Patrick also specializes in designing/implementing big data environments to help streamline marketing and decision making processes. Check out articles or additional information on Patrick through Centerline Insights, LinkedIn, Medium or Twitter. Send him a message to spark conversation around data science and your marketing efforts.

By patrick-garvey published July 6, 2016

How to Measure Performance to Improve Your Content Marketing


As organizations toy with various models to create and distribute content effectively, two questions commonly arise:

  • How do we know which type of content is the right content for our audience?
  • How can we determine the success of this content?

If you are struggling to generate an effective content marketing plan, one that uses measurement and analytics to drive optimization and conversion, you are not alone.Continue Reading