Author: Daniel Sayer

Daniel Sayer is co-founder and vice president of Socialix, which provides an end-to-end influencer marketing platform for content creators and brands. Daniel has previously managed SEO and social media strategy for Fortune 500 brands at digital marketing companies PM Digital and Zeta Interactive.

By daniel-sayer published July 24, 2016

Struggling With Social? Call in Your Influencers


Influencers can inspire social communities around a brand – but only when those influencers’ personalities authentically match the brand’s persona.

What’s a great match look like? Consider Tyson Foods’ campaign, Why Should Cookies Have All the Fun? To spice up holiday sales of its chicken nuggets, Tyson invited mom bloggers to decorate the pint-sized poultry snacks. Soon, chicken-nugget reindeer and Santa Claus figures were popping up all over the web, and family shoppers were making their lists (and checking them twice) with Tyson in mind.

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