Author: Caroline Maurer

Caroline Maurer is the co-founder and chief creative officer of Witty Kitty, a digital marketing and public relations agency based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She brings her creative lens and extensive copywriting background to her 100% women-owned business. 

By caroline-maurer published August 25, 2017

7 Best Practices (and Tools) for Managing Your Remote Content Team


If your brand embraces the work-from-home culture, as 47% of working Americans say they do, a relatively modern challenge arises – how to manage your content team efficiently and effectively from wherever they are.

Even if your in-house content marketing team is office based, you likely are working with freelancers, agencies, or other teams within your company to execute the strategy.

Why not use the same networks that afford the virtual office to reap the benefits of remote teams, while still hitting deadlines, maintaining rapport, and feeling in control?

These seven tips and tools will help you create an effective remote team connection.

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