Author: Rebecca Geier

Rebecca Geier is CEO and co-founder of TREW Marketing, and author of Smart Marketing for Engineers: An Inbound Marketing Guide to Reaching Technical Audiences. Named by The Wall Street Journal among the Ten Most Innovative Entrepreneurs in America, she and her team build data-driven, inbound marketing programs to drive demand for engineering and scientific clients in North America and Europe. Follow her on Twitter @rebeccag

By rebeccageier published August 30, 2017

How to Create Content for the Technical B2B Buyer


The B2B buyer journey, particularly in the technical professional space, has transformed. At TREW Marketing, our engineer-centered research in North America and Europe has shown these trends:

  • The majority of the engineer’s buyer journey has moved online.
The majority of the #engineer’s buyer journey has moved online, says @RebeccaG. #CMWorld Click To Tweet
  • Engineers valued Google as the most valuable content resource, followed by vendor websites.
#Engineers valued @Google as the most valuable #content resource, followed by vendor websites, says @RebeccaG. Click To Tweet
  • Nearly all engineers prefer to do online research and evaluate vendors before talking to sales.
Nearly all #engineers prefer to do online research before talking to sales, says @RebeccaG. #CMWorld Click To Tweet
  • Most engineers have between three and seven interactions with a company before talking with its representative directly.
Most #engineers have between 3-7 interactions w/a company before talking directly, says @RebeccaG. #CMWorld Click To Tweet
  • Most engineers are more likely to do business with a company that regularly produces new and current content.
#Engineers are more likely to do business w/ a company that regularly produces current content, says @RebeccaG. Click To Tweet

Let’s tackle the critical factor in all five trends – content is THE deciding factor. How do you create content to engage technical experts and do it consistently? Here are five tips to keep you in your audience’s buyer journey:

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