Author: Jeilan Devanesan

Jeilan is a copywriter at Venngage, an online graphic-design tool. He majored in English and Political Science at the University of Toronto; and earned a Masters Certificate in Government Relations at Seneca College. He enjoys reporting on design trends, tips and hacks. Connect with him on LinkedIn and follow him on Twitter @Jbear36.

By jeilandevanesan published February 26, 2018

The One Thing That Can Make a Big Difference in Your Infographics


Countless studies tell us infographics are highly engaging and that incorporating them into our content marketing strategy makes sense. But if the process for creating them is chaotic, the content is random, and the design guidelines are unclear, then each attempted infographic just eats up time and resources, and rarely delivers.

To successfully create memorable infographics that drive engagement, you need to stick to deadlines and keep up the momentum throughout their development. That requires a system to streamline the creation from start to finish.

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