Author: Susan Hartman

Susan Hartman is a former director of global marketing at Fortune 500 company Schneider Electric, now working with marketing teams in companies of all sizes across the country as a marketing consultant based in New England. Follow Susan on Twitter @SailingWoman100.

By susanhartman published September 11, 2018

The Best Content Distribution Channel You’re Overlooking


In a recent planning meeting with a client, I was surprised to hear the sales manager complain to the marketing manager. She didn’t think marketing was producing much in the way of good content her sales team could use. In fact, she argued that a major focus for the new year should be producing better quality content.

I had recently worked with the marketing team on creating some amazing content in support of a product launch, designed to be distributed to target audiences, end users, and prospects. Where did all those assets go? What happened to all those hours of creativity, insightful research, and brilliant strategic focus? More to the point, why were the sales teams unaware these quality assets were available and waiting to be shared?

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