Author: Steven van Vessum

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By stevenvanvessum published September 19, 2018

How to Make Your Content Stand Out in a Crowded, Global Marketplace

make-your-content-stand-out-global-marketplaceEnglish-speaking markets are attractive, but for most niches, they’re also the most competitive. It takes a lot to move the English-speaking needle.

If you want results with less effort – and it makes sense for your audiences – think about localized markets. After all, while people may speak English as a second or third language, they’re more likely to search in their native or first language.

Building a multi-language content marketing team doesn’t require a huge budget, but it requires some thought and planning. At ContentKing, we localize all our English content into French, Spanish, Dutch, and Czech from the get-go. Here, I share some lessons we’ve learned along the way.

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