Author: Shea Drake

Shea Drake is a photographer turned digital marketer whose focus is on how to create better content that delights and informs. She strives to find new ways to help other marketers not only find their audience but to have a conversation with them as well. You can find more of her writings on Twitter @sheadrakephoto.

By sheadrake published January 18, 2019

How to Use Reddit and Quora for Content Marketing

Sites with user-generated content like Quora and Reddit can be gold mines for referring traffic to your website, boosting brand authority, and reaching niche audiences for your business.

But you better respect what is and is not allowed on these powerful channels for distributing your content and increasing engagement.

Neither Quora nor Reddit suffers fools and spammers lightly – these online communities have their own written and unwritten rules of etiquette and marketers attempting to game the system are quickly flagged and ostracized. Being cut off from the flow of two of the most powerful sources of online traffic can be a huge liability.

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