Author: Hal Werner

Hal Werner is a Dallas-based content strategist and digital marketer that turns customer insight into customer action. He does it with a heap of data, a big helping of creativity and a sampler of leadership hacks. Find more of his actionable insights on his blog, LinkedIn, and Twitter @halwerner.

By halwerner published March 7, 2019

Don’t Let the Toddler Trap Torpedo Your Content Productivity

Toddlers examine one thing for a few seconds, then something else catches their eye, then they quickly move on to something else, ultimately leaving in their wake a trail of orphaned blocks, half-eaten strawberries, and half-dressed dolls.

If you’re not careful, your content process can act like those toddlers and your content team could be tripping over projects like a sleep-deprived parent stepping on Legos in the dark at 2 a.m.

Let me show you what I mean.

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