Author: Megan Morreale

Megan is Taboola's senior content marketing manager. She's worked with all types of technology companies in adtech, martech, HRtech and security. Storytelling, data, and distribution are her strengths. Tweet her at @MeganRoseM.

By meganmorreale published June 5, 2019

How to Create a Successful Native Advertising Campaign for Your Content

No matter how much care you put into knowing your audience and carefully crafting content, your native advertising campaign will fail if your creatives aren’t engaging and your targeting isn’t relevant.

Native advertising has become a valuable tool in content marketers’ arsenal, but – as with other channels – it’s only effective if you do it right.

A lot goes into doing it right, revolving around these six pillars:

  • Catering to the native advertising mindset.
  • Choosing the right content for the channel.
  • Using different content to qualify the audience.
  • Building effective ads.
  • Targeting like a pro.
  • Measuring and A/B testing.

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