Author: Anna Hrach

Anna is a content expert who tackles her clients’ toughest problems with the tenacity and fearlessness of a honey badger. Not like a mean one, though. More like the nice, non-bitey kind. She also develops super-smart strategies for clients at Jay Baer’s Convince & Convert, is a nationally recognized public speaker, and cohosts The Content Experience Show podcast. Follow Anna on Twitter @annabananahrach.

By ahrach published September 18, 2019

Failure Is Always an Option (and an Opportunity)

Editor’s note: This article debuted in the July issue of the now digital-only Chief Content Officer magazine.

Do you remember your first real content failure? I’m not talking about the time you missed a massive deadline or when you caught that glaring typo in the middle of a big presentation as you were giving it. I’m talking about fall-on-your-face, punch-to-the-gut, ego-crushing failure.

I remember mine.

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By ahrach published July 8, 2019

Failure: The Ultimate Content F-Word

Like most things, content marketing is an inexact science. There are countless right and wrong ways to respond to a brief or complete a project, and even the best of us are not immune to failure. But do we dare admit it?

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