Author: Lin Ying

Lin Ying is an experienced English content writer (both online and offline) with knowledge of SEO and professional copywriting skills. She's the co-founder of Dear Content, a content marketing boutique, and is skilled in both B2B and B2C content writing, content strategy, media relations, and journalism. As a former journalist, she has covered international, business, and sports news. Follow her on Twitter @linyi_ng

By yinglin published November 4, 2019

Channel Broadcast News to Better Your Content Marketing

My switch from broadcast journalism to content marketing seemed like a logical and natural move. Both fields require many of the same skills – serving as a member of the grammar police, being deadline driven, writing well, and having an eye for detail.

After diving into the world of content marketing, I know the non-technical skills honed during my broadcast years also come in handy in content marketing. The production processes of a news story and a piece of content marketing are more similar than they appear.

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