Author: Paul Longhenry

Paul Longhenry is the CEO of Pinpoint Predictive, developer of data science services focused on the intersection of quantitative psychology and machine learning. Prior to Pinpoint, Paul has served in a variety of strategy, product management, business development, venture investor, and advisor roles throughout the mobile tech, data science, and venture capital ecosystems. Follow him on Twitter @paullonghenry.

By paullonghenry published December 3, 2019

Now You’re Segmenting With Science: How to Use Quantitative Psychology

In recent years, it’s been de rigueur for marketers to develop buyer personas – often with cutesy alliterative names like Illustrator Izzy or Barber Ben. They also rely on them for everything from audience targeting to ad copy.

Though these typecast characters put a human face to otherwise monotonous demographic data, personas are rife with problems. As CMI’s Ann Gynn writes, it’s easy to default to lazy stereotypes rather than to put in the hard work of getting to know your consumers.

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