Author: Patti Haus

Patti Haus is a conversion copywriter who believes results come from in-depth customer knowledge. She's on a mission to make funnel and email copy more entertaining to read while still getting results worthy of the elusive case study. Her secret power is writing copy your customers want to read. To the end. And click. Because nobody wants to read boring copy. Follow her on Twitter @Patti_Haus.

By pattihaus published December 9, 2019

Content Marketing Lessons From 8 of the Most Popular TED Talks

TED Talks lift powerful voices in the world of technology, entertainment, and design. And with more than 2 billion views on YouTube, what began as a simple conference has become an industry.

The 18-minute wide-ranging talks are the best place to learn things you never knew you wanted to learn. But what do TED Talks have to do with content marketing?

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