Author: Joe Williams

Joe's on a mission to make SEO easier, fun, and profitable. He runs the Learn SEO Fast course at Tribe SEO and believes that Google is like a fair referee who takes a common-sense approach to rankings sites. He enjoys dispelling the myths and hype that surround SEO, and when he's not talking about algorithms, you can often find him playing ball with his dog Conker or playing peek-a-boo with his daughter. Follow him on Twitter @joetheseo.

By joewilliams published February 4, 2020

Don’t Forget These 7 Tips to Get More Search Traffic

Are you using highly relevant keywords in your headlines? Are you actively building backlinks to your site?

Great. But you need to dig deeper into search engine optimization to get your site’s content all the traffic it’s capable of getting.

I’m going over seven often overlooked techniques step by step. Don’t worry. I’m not going to drown you in jargon or tackle anything super technical.

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