Author: Aakash Singh

Aakash Singh is a marketing professional and a content marketing specialist. Having over five years of experience working with major organizations, he is passionate about digital marketing, blogging, and SEO. Aakash lives in Delhi, India and writes about digital marketing and scaling your online presence on his blog. Connect with him on LinkedIn and on Twitter at @cupofglory77.

By aakashsingh published September 10, 2020

How to Get Your Podcast to Appear in Google Results

Your podcast has a lot of great content, but someone searching online for topics related to that audio content wouldn’t even know it existed until last year.

Google included indexing podcasts in its 2019 update, but many podcasters haven’t embraced the opportunity to maximize their SEO. Let’s change that. Here’s what you should know about podcast SEO and how to get your podcast ranking.

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