Author: Mike Wills

As a Director of Development at BlueModus, Mike leads technical teams to tackle business challenges with elegant solutions. Having over 20 years’ experience, Mike has developed solutions ranging from shrink-wrapped software to high-profile websites. Whether consulting an enterprise or startup, he guides customers through technical challenges and leads teams to achieve business goals. Find him on Twitter at @HeyMikeWills.

By mike-wills published March 31, 2021

The Only Way to Guarantee a Perfect Content Model

I thought I knew everything I needed to know about content modeling. So when I took on a project that involved migrating a Fortune 500 B2B company’s digital marketing stack to a headless CMS environment, I expected it to be routine.

But this project challenged just about everything I knew about content modeling. I’m sharing the lessons I learned to help content leaders communicate with developers – so you can learn from the mistakes I made.Continue Reading