Author: Alona Shalieieva

Alona Shalieieva is a customer support representative for lead finder Being a tech expert, she is fond of helping customers resolve their issues. Along with that, she has improved her skills as a tech writer. She is skilled in email marketing and lead generation niche and can explain in simple words any complex topic.

By alona-shalieieva published November 9, 2021

Get the Most From Your Webinars With These 13 Repurposing Ideas

B2B content marketers say webinars rank as the most effective tactic. They attract attention, leads, and engagement.

That success doesn’t have to end when the webinar does. And yet only 48% of marketers say they planned to use their webinar content after the event, according to an Omnipress report. Repurposing the webinars into a multitude of formats lets you reach new audiences, reinforce messaging with previous attendees, and promote your brand’s expertise on the topic.

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