Author: Irwin Hau

Irwin Hau is the founder and director of Chromatix, a specialist award-winning web design and conversion agency based in Australia. With an ad agency background, he has analyzed 60,000+ websites and led his digital agency to amass over 80+ industry awards and mentions over the last 13 years. Additionally, he runs Irwin Hau - Digital Business Coaching, a private business consultancy that focuses on helping SMBs with digital transformation by adopting custom designed web tools and cloud solutions. Connect with him on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter @IrwinHau.

By irwin-hau published February 8, 2022

15 Digital Content Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Brand

Just as content can help your brand, it can hurt it, too.

Publishing the wrong content can take many forms, but the end results are similar. At worst, it could seriously damage your brand. At best, your content will be ignored.

I’ve rounded up most of the biggest suspects when it comes to content that does more harm than good, so you can avoid them and only create content that really helps your brand.Continue Reading