Author: Phill Brougham

Phill Brougham is the Director of Product Marketing at Unbabel, an AI-powered Language Operations platform. An accomplished marketing leader, Phill has spent the last five years leading product innovation at SaaS businesses, applying his expertise in artificial intelligence to help solve real-world business and productivity problems. Phill’s experience spans sales, business development, and product marketing. His focus has remained on translating technological capability into clear, understandable value.

By phill-brougham published September 26, 2022

Global Trends in Marketing Localization for 2023 [Sponsored]

Global trends in marketing localizationGlobal marketers are being swept by an endless tsunami of content shared across more channels than ever: website copy, product listings, e-books, paid promotions, white papers, videos, and more. The pressure to deliver on-brand content at speed and scale has never been higher.

On top of meeting this increased demand, international brands face the additional challenges of translating those assets into multiple languages and adapting them for multiple targeted audiences – all without sacrificing turnaround times or the quality needed to engage and convert customers.Continue Reading