Author: Alex Novkov

Alex Novkov is а digital marketing strategist and consultant specializing in content marketing and search engine optimization. He has a strong background working with tech companies and has been practicing Agile since the very beginning of his marketing career. Alex loves creating something out of nothing and enthusiastically pursues every new project as a chance to expand his expertise. Before entering the marketing world, he spent a year as a journalist, covering a wide range of topics including economics, technology, and internal and foreign policy. Since the beginning of 2020, Alex has been working with AgileSherpas to help them raise awareness about the need for marketing agility and all the benefits that come with it. Follow him on Twitter @AlexNovkov.

By alexnovkov published September 26, 2022

For Efficient Content Marketing, Stop Planning Content So Far Ahead

Updated Sept. 26, 2022

Efficiency is rarely a primary concern for content marketing teams. You talk about quality, conversions, and brand alignment. Your major concerns center around the awesomeness of what you do and the results the work provides. Systems and processes take a back seat.

However, particularly in uncertain times, having a system becomes vitally important. It lets you do the right work at the right time with as little waste as possible.Continue Reading