Author: Brooke Gocklin

Brooke Gocklin is the Editor-in-Chief at Contently, the only comprehensive content marketing platform (CMP) for enterprise marketers. Brooke holds over 10 years of experience in content strategy and brand positioning. She uses her passion for storytelling and background in journalism to produce thought provoking content and informative resources that create authentic relationships with her audience. You can follow her on LinkedIn or Twitter @BGocklin.

By brooke-gocklin published December 19, 2022

The Content Director’s Secret to Measurable Impact [Sponsored]

How do you measure content’s impact on the bottom line? That’s the question on every manager’s mind during budgeting season. And for the content marketing directors of the world, this is one of the most challenging parts of the job.

“What metrics will matter to the C-Suite?” “How can I show the value of my content and get more budget to produce better assets?” There’s a reason why everyone asks these questions ­– and why they are so difficult to answer. Let’s dive in together to unpack them.Continue Reading