Author: Thomas Peham

As VP of marketing at Storyblok, Thomas leads a growing team of 30+ talents, influencing business growth through positioning Storyblok as the primary CMS for the 21st century. . Storyblok to date empowers marketers and developers in 130+ countries. Learn more at why leading brands such as adidas, Oatly, Pizza Hut, or T-Mobile trust us as their CMS. He is a SaaS marketer, tech enthusiast, hobby runner, semi-pro photographer, and coffee lover. Follow him on Twitter @tompeham.

By thomas-peham published January 26, 2023

How To Scale Your Content Marketing Strategy To Improve Efficiency

Scaling your content strategy doesn’t require hiring more people to produce more stuff. It involves building systems to produce more effective content with fewer resources per unit.

You’re not expanding the content strategy, which implies simply ramping up operations. In that scenario, if it takes 10 hours to make one piece of effective content, it will take 20 hours to make two pieces of effective content.Continue Reading