Author: Mark Nardone

Mark Nardone is the Chief Marketing Officer leading PAN Communications’ strategic focus across all brand growth initiatives. With a keen focus on using data to guide decisions, he is passionate about the intersection of customer experience, revenue, and growth through successful marketing.

By mark-nardone published February 15, 2023

3 Ways To Grow the Value of Your Thought Leadership [Sponsored]

How do you decide whose advice you’ll listen to and follow? Do you look for someone with name recognition? Someone others are listening to? Someone who will challenge or expand your understanding? Someone who confirms it?

Questions about thought leadership are nothing new, but they’re often limited by conventional wisdom about who thought leaders are. When you start with the assumption that a thought leader should be someone with a high profile or in a position of authority in your organization, you might be limiting what that leadership can help your business achieve.Continue Reading