Author: Lizzy Burnam

Lizzy is a content marketer, writer, and poet. She’s written both freelance and in-house content for a wide range of industries, including technology, AI, retail, cosmetics, food and beverage, education, and most recently, UX research. You can connect with her on social media or view and subscribe to her work by visiting her digital portfolio at

By lizzy-burnam published April 5, 2023

9 Ideas To Boost Your Internal Content Distribution Strategy

Content marketers notoriously never have enough resources.

Many of us work on a one-person content team, doing our best to shoehorn content strategy, creation, distribution, reporting, and (maybe) a lunch break into the always-too-short work week.

Yet, few of us use a low-cost distribution channel that can exponentially increase content reach with little additional work.

That distribution channel? Our colleagues.

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