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Kim Moutsos leads the talented content team at the Content Marketing Institute, where she is vice president of editorial. Having worked in content marketing for enterprises and startups for more than 20 years, Kim enjoys exchanging ideas and lessons learned with other content marketing practitioners. You can follow her on Twitter at @KMoutsos or connect on LinkedIn.

By kmoutsos published July 20, 2023

The Future of Email Marketing: Insights From 23 Content Marketing Experts

Are the days of email as a successful marketing channel waning?

The statistics argue no: About two-thirds of content marketers told CMI they use email newsletters or other email to distribute their content in 2023. About the same number said the same for 2022.

But 2023 kicked off with dramatic comments from a CEO who claimed he’s turned to social media to reach Gen Z (and even millennial) employees who don’t read email.Continue Reading

By kmoutsos published December 22, 2022

5 Content Marketing Articles From 2022 That Deserve Another Look

If you publish great content and hardly anyone reads it, is it actually great content?

That’s a question for the ages – or maybe the comments section.

Every content marketer plans, crafts, reviews, and publishes articles with the best intentions. We all want to publish the most helpful content, sharp insights, and genuinely leading thoughts.

Sometimes, articles you think will be great don’t hit the mark for audiences. (I’ve written about steps to take when your content “fails.”)

But what about the content assets in the middle? They are not top performers or true duds, but they didn’t get quite all the love you think they deserve.

Looking at CMI’s 2022 content, I found a set of articles that deserve another look. Here are a few that feel particularly relevant to this moment.Continue Reading

By kmoutsos published November 9, 2022

7+ Skills Every Content Marketer Needs To Be Great

Content marketing’s importance rose again in 2022.

Nearly three-quarters (71%) of content marketers say content marketing has become more important to their organization in the last year, according to the latest Content Marketing Institute research.

That means companies will need to hire and train content marketers for the foreseeable future.Continue Reading

By kmoutsos published September 13, 2022

10 Hated Marketing and Business Expressions: Catch Us If You Can

Ok, you guys*, get your scorecards ready.

You might have read our list of the most despised industry jargon, buzzwords, and clichés a couple of months ago. Once that article went live, some of its contributors confessed to using words other contributors revile. (Check out the comments on this LinkedIn post for proof.)

Since the list entries came from Content Marketing World 2022 speakers, I couldn’t help but wonder: Would any of those hated terms echo through the keynote hall or session rooms during the event?

That’s where the scorecards come in.Continue Reading

By kmoutsos published September 1, 2022

Purposeful Marketing > Purpose-Washing: How To Do It Right

Fast Company predicted 2022 would bring “a great reckoning for corporate purpose.”

Employees left companies based on differing values, and consumers boycotted brands based on social stances and values.

Whether or not there’s been a true reckoning, brands face pressure to show they care about more than turning a profit. Study after study shows consumers want to know and adjust their spending based on brands’ values.Continue Reading

By kmoutsos published August 3, 2022

Try These 5 YouTube Video Tips and See If Your Results Improve

How’s that for a headline that promises … not much? Here’s the truth: There’s no magic formula for success. Not on YouTube, not on social media, not on your blog.

Tim Schmoyer, founder of Video Creators, doesn’t promise his clients quick and easy tips – and he didn’t promise any to the Ask the #CMWorld Community in his recent livestream interview, either.Continue Reading

By kmoutsos published May 16, 2022

4 Content Marketing Goals That Really Matter to the Business

Updated May 16, 2022

Have you ever heard a sales leader or business exec disparage content marketing or wonder about its business value?

They believe the myth that content marketing is some nebulous, feel-good, unmeasured thing that gets told too often. Several industry experts mentioned it when we asked about the most irritating content marketing misbeliefs last year:Continue Reading

By kmoutsos published April 28, 2022

Are NFTs Something Content Marketers Should Care About?

What’s your take on NFTs?

1. Yes, please.

2. Wait and see.

3. Pfft.

Brands like Gap, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Reebok, Lamborghini, and other consumer product companies would respond, “Yes, please,” as they have made splashy forays. News, sports, and entertainment brands have made moves, too.

If you haven’t gotten questions about how (or whether) your brand’s content strategy should include NFTs, it’s only a matter of time.

Before you answer the inevitable question, you should understand some NFT basics and know how they can be used.Continue Reading

By kmoutsos published February 4, 2022

Get Strategic About Content Planning

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By kmoutsos published November 18, 2021


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