Author: Colleen Jones

Colleen is the author of Clout (New Riders) and the principal of Content Science, a boutique consulting firm in Atlanta, GA. As a pioneer of user experience and content strategy, Colleen has guided or supported strategic initiatives for a wide range of organizations including Equifax, InterContinental Hotels Group, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Cingular Wireless (now AT&T). Her upcoming eBook, "Does Your Content Work?" will be released in 2014. Follow her on Twitter at @leenjones.

By colleen-jones published February 6, 2014

Has Content Marketing Hijacked Content Strategy?

red strategy-word cloud Creating content isn’t content strategy.”

That’s a simple statement I tweeted nearly two weeks ago. As a rush of retweets, favorites, and comments flowed in response, I was delighted so many people agreed with that distinction.Continue Reading

By colleen-jones published December 1, 2013

How Surveys Help Create More Effective Content

man in suit behind lightbulb sketchIf you want to assess your success at producing effective content marketing, you need useful, actionable feedback about it. That means you need to know what people think about your content. Surveys are an invaluable way to find out.

But wait.” You might be thinking. “Isn’t behavior data enough? Shouldn’t I care more about what people do than what they think?

No, and no. Let’s explore why, and what to do about it.Continue Reading

By colleen-jones published July 20, 2012

How to Make Branded Content More Credible [Research]

Branded content. When done poorly in the movies and traditional media, it’s the source of ridicule. Think of obnoxious product placement, inspired Morgan Spurlock’s The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. Done really poorly, branded content can backfire. Look at how infomercials have become infamous for misleading people. Done well, branded content is at least not annoying, as in the tolerable 25 brand mentions in 21 Jump Street. (Wouldn’t 21 mentions be more clever? But I’m getting off track…)

That’s traditional media. Is digital doomed to the same fate? Will digital brands keep making mistakes like PepsiGate? Can digital branded content ever be taken seriously, even as seriously as journalism?Continue Reading

By colleen-jones published May 4, 2011

Take Your Content on Location with Location-Based Services

If you’re going mobile with your content marketing, then consider location-based services (LBS). A location-based service is a network that provides content to your mobile phone or devices based on where you are. Your physical location is the trigger for content. If you’ve ever checked in using FourSquare, you’ve used a location-based service.

But, location-based services can go far beyond the check in.  LBS is a big opportunity to influence people in a particular place. To help you see the possibilities, I’m sharing an example from North Carolina State University.Continue Reading

By colleen-jones published July 9, 2010

5 Tips to Save You from Content Analysis Paralysis

A smart content strategy starts with content analysis. I love analysis and enjoy explaining how to do it. The challenge? Content analysis can overwhelm you—especially when you have a lot of content or many audience segments. To prevent analysis from slowing you down, follow these five tips.Continue Reading