Author: Paul Roetzer

Paul Roetzer is founder and CEO of PR 20/20, a Cleveland-based content marketing agency and HubSpot’s first Agency Partner. He is author of The Marketing Performance Blueprint (Wiley, 2014) and The Marketing Agency Blueprint (Wiley, 2012); creator of the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute and Marketing Score; a regular contributor to leading marketing industry blogs; and a frequent speaker on marketing talent, technology, strategy and performance. Follow him on Twitter @paulroetzer.

By paul-roetzer published April 13, 2017

Cognitive Content Marketing: The Path to a More (Artificially) Intelligent Future


In spring 2015 I launched an internal initiative named Project Copyscale to determine whether it was possible to automate content creation with artificial intelligence. Specifically, I wanted to figure out, could we use machines to write blog posts at scale?

The idea was inspired by a SXSW session I attended that year featuring the managing editor of the Associated Press and the CEO of Automated Insights, a company that uses a form of artificial intelligence called natural-language generation (NLG) to create content. The presenters shared how the AP went from publishing 300 earnings reports per quarter written by humans to 3,000 per quarter written 100% by machines using Automated Insights technology. The implications to content marketing, in my mind, were immense.Continue Reading

By paul-roetzer published June 10, 2014

8 Ways Public Relations Can Fuel Successful Content Marketing

fingers holding 2 light bulbs-one litAfter months of planning, research, writing, and design, your new B2B research report is set to launch.Continue Reading

By paul-roetzer published January 9, 2014

15 Ways Marketing Automation Can Maximize Your Content’s ROI

businessman holding laptop-tablet-smartphone-automationIn order to realize your performance potential, and maximize your content marketing return on investment (ROI), you’re going to need the right marketing technology.

Marketing automation has the ability to expand the value and impact of your content, capture lead intelligence, improve lead-to-sale conversion rates, drive repeat purchasing, and enhance the overall customer experience. Continue Reading

By paul-roetzer published December 11, 2013

Mapping the Next Frontier in Brand Storytelling

beyond storytellingWhat happens when we are all artists, all storytellers, all flooding the ever-expanding array of digital and traditional channels with our brand content and calls to action?

Does content marketing — which promised to level the marketing playing field — regress into the inevitable battle of budgets?

Will success come down to who can hire the best writers, outsource to the top agencies, and buy the most sponsored content to generate the greatest number of impressions? Continue Reading

By paul-roetzer published November 4, 2013

How to Build A Scorecard to Measure Content Marketing Effectiveness

marketing funnelMeasurement matters now more than ever.

Marketing technology advances have made it easier and more affordable to connect activities to outcomes, but marketers are largely dropping the ball when it comes to monitoring, reporting, and improving performance.

Adobe’s Digital Distress study, which surveyed more than 1,000 marketers, found 76 percent of marketers believe measurement is important, though only 29 percent believe they are doing it well. Continue Reading