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Ann Rockley (@arockley), CEO of The Rockley Group, Inc., was ranked among the top five most influential content strategists in 2010. Ann is the creator of the concept of intelligent content and founded the Intelligent Content Conference. Ann has an international reputation for developing intelligent content strategies for multichannel delivery. She has been instrumental in establishing the field in content strategy, content reuse, intelligent content strategies for multichannel delivery, and structured content management best practices. Rockley is a frequent contributor to trade and industry publications and a keynote speaker at numerous conferences around the world. Ann led Content Management Professionals, an international organization that fosters the sharing of content management information, best practices, and strategies to a prestigious eContent 100 award in 2005. Known as the mother of content strategy, she introduced the concept of content strategy with her best-selling book, Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content Strategy, now in its second edition.

By ann-rockley published July 14, 2016

Why Automation Is the Future of Content Creation


Editor’s note: We bring back Ann Rockley’s article on machined content that we shared last year. It originally appeared in the June 2015 Chief Content Officer. Want to hear the handcrafted-content side? Read Jay Acunzo’s original side of the debate.Continue Reading

By ann-rockley published February 22, 2016

Why You Need Two Types of Content Strategist


Recently I was asked: “How do you define an exceptional content experience?” My response was “I don’t deal with front-end experience. I make the content sing and dance by managing it behind the scenes. A front-end strategist tells me what’s needed, and I develop the back-end strategy to support those needs.”

Content strategists come in two main types: front-end and back-end. If you’re a marketer who treats your organization’s content as a business asset, you need to understand both types of strategist so you can bring in the right kind of help at the right time or develop the appropriate skills in-house.Continue Reading

By ann-rockley published June 25, 2015

Put More Creativity in Your Content Creation: Automate


A version of this article appeared in the June 2015 Chief Content Officer magazine in an exploration of the debate between machined and handcrafted content. Ann’s argument for machined content is made in these answers (bolding is ours). Want to hear the handcrafted-content side? Read Jay Acunzo’s response on the CMI blog.

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By ann-rockley published April 27, 2015

Personalized, Contextually Relevant Content: CaaS (Content as a Service)


You’ve probably heard of SaaS (software as a service, software delivered via the cloud). You may have heard of other as-a-service acronyms, like DaaS, DRaaS, NaaS, IaaS, PaaS, even XaaS (everything, or anything, as a service). Have you heard of CaaS, content as a service?

Few people talk about CaaS. But if you’re a content professional, you need to think about it because it enables organizations to give customers contextually relevant, personalized experiences on the devices of their choice. Customers have the freedom to decide what they want to receive and how they want to receive it. Then, they just sit back and wait for delivery.

CaaS is licensed or subscription-based content that has these two characteristics:

  • Channel-neutral
  • Dynamic

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By ann-rockley published December 1, 2014

The Basics of Intelligent Content


Smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops (remember those?), phablets, hybrids, convertibles … Who can keep up?

If your company is like most, you have content — lots of it. But, chances are, your content is straitjacketed in formats that don’t allow you to easily publish to all the latest devices and channels; preventing you from connecting your content to your customers.Continue Reading