Author: Doug Schumacher

Doug is Co-Founder of content strategy tool Zuum. Prior, he was founder and creative director of new media marketing agency Basement. Originally a traditional copywriter at DDB, TBWA/Chiat/Day and BBDO, he’s been developing digital marketing solutions since 1995, for brands including EA Games, Nissan, Activision, Warner Bros, Pepsi, California Lottery, PayPal, Bank of America, Disney, and Travelocity. Follow Doug on Twitter @MemeRunner.

By memerunner published October 2, 2012

Which Brand is Top Dog at Creating Engaging Facebook Content?

creating engaging facebook content - cover, CMIWe’ve been taking a look at what’s working on Facebook across different industries, and this week we’re going to drop in on the pet food category. We’ll analyze six top pet food brand pages for a three-month period to determine what types of posts are driving engagement, and what marketers from any industry can take home from it.

The brand pages we’ll be analyzing are: Milk-Bone, Pedigree, PurinaOne, Iams, Beggin’, and ALPO.Continue Reading

By memerunner published August 13, 2012

What Social Content Works Best for Engaging Luxury-Minded Consumers?

Schumacher-cover-image-FIf you are in the business of marketing luxury fashion brands, you’ve almost certainly asked yourself what kind of Facebook content will best engage your target audience.

I am going to give you some help in finding those answers by looking at key indicators of how this audience uses social media. My goal here is to identify some of the major content themes across the luxury fashion industry and see what posts are driving the most engagement. But, of course, marketers looking to reach luxury-minded consumers in any category will likely benefit from this information.Continue Reading

By memerunner published July 18, 2012

Facebook Engagement Tactics: A Subject Analysis that Will Help You Discover Emotional Triggers

facebook engagement tactics trucks category, CMIWhat will improve a Facebook page’s engagement rates? It’s something most content marketers spend a lot of time thinking about, because knowing this information enables them to activate the community, adding to the page’s value. And evaluating social media properties is an inevitability in this industry.

Assuming you’ve gathered a relevant fan base, the key drivers of engagement are going to be things like what, when, and how much you post — things defined in your content calendar. While these are important factors, they typically don’t change radically, outside of periodic promotions or special content. Continue Reading

By memerunner published March 6, 2012

Facebook Content Marketing Lessons from Large Brands

Facebook is, in many ways, a very local platform. Most people’s friends are from their geographic areas, and Facebook’s own moves into Places indicates that it sees a lot of opportunity there. While most marketers on Facebook wrestle with the never-ending issue of what they should be doing on their page, this is particularly true of small, local businesses — many of which are in the earlier stages of Facebook marketing programs, and don’t have the staff or production resources that larger businesses have.

The goal of this article is to explore the differences and similarities between small and large businesses sharing the same industry. In particular, what can the small-business marketer learn from its large-business counterparts.

While I focus on the automotive industry in my examples — comparing what’s working for local auto dealerships (small business) to what’s working for large auto manufacturers (large business) — the insights are likely applicable to any business that’s looking to grow its Facebook community through its content efforts.

Continue Reading