Author: Melissa Eggleston

Melissa Eggleston is a content strategist and UX specialist. Follow her @melissa_egg.

By melissa-eggleston published September 29, 2020

Create and Serve Accessible Content to Your Audience

A version of this article first appeared in CCO magazine in October 2019.

How might you change the content on your website if your audience was likely to view it while under great stress, in 90 seconds, on a mobile device, off the highway in a gas station bathroom?

Nonprofits helping domestic violence and sex trafficking survivors face this challenge. They must ask:

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By melissa-eggleston published October 14, 2019

A Practical Guide to Content Accessibility

Most marketers already plan their content to work in all browsers and on all devices, but it can still be inaccessible or frustrating to a significant section of the audience. Is your content leaving people behind?

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By melissa-eggleston published March 2, 2017

Identity Matters: How Content Strategists Build Trust and Loyalty

content-strategists-build-trust-loyaltyThis post was co-written by Julie C. Lellis, Ph.D.

In 2009, whether you were a golfer or not, you likely heard about Tiger Woods. It started with a drama-filled Thanksgiving night with his wife. It ended with a public apology the following February. The superstar’s wholesome image unraveled publicly as one mistress after another came forth. Soon his marriage was lost, sponsorships gone, and fans bewildered. We were left wondering: Who was the real Tiger Woods anyway? Was everything we thought about him just a sham?

Woods didn’t need a consultant to help him with his brand. He needed a therapist. He stated this himself in a somewhat bizarre 14-minute public apology. He also could have benefited from a crisis communications expert. But most importantly, Woods needed to figure out his identity – who he was and who he wanted to be. Identity is the foundation for authentic living.Continue Reading

By melissa-eggleston published April 14, 2016

Go Beyond Analytics to Give Customers the Content They Crave


Imagine that you recently redesigned your company website and are looking at your site analytics. You notice visitors are spending much more time on one of your revamped pages. A small, satisfied smile crosses your face and you feel a sense of relief. Thanks to your efforts, people must be more engaged and are happily spending more time on your site.

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By melissa-eggleston published July 30, 2015

A UX Lesson for Content Marketers: Your Invisible Advantage


The morning after, she was a mess. Wrinkled dress, cookie crumbs in her hair, and big bags under her eyes. My 2-year-old’s first whiny words after waking: “I wanna go back to the party!” Delighted by the music, dancing, food, and people, she remembered the experience with glee.

Just like a well-thrown party, user experience (UX) combined with terrific content can have an outsize impact on your customers. A great party may have wonderful food, drinks, and music, but the organization of the room, the feel of the space, and even the time of day all impact the experience. In the same way, making informed choices facilitates a smooth experience with content — which is why great UX design is usually invisible — invisible, but critical all the same.Continue Reading