Author: Tom Whatley

Tom Whatley is the founder and CEO of Grizzle, a content marketing and SEO agency that helps SaaS, agencies, and technology brands generate demand and organic traffic through end-to-end solutions. You can sign up for their newsletter, where they share their lessons and processes after working with leading technology and software brands like Pipedrive, Nextiva, and Tide Banking. Follow him on Twitter @tomwhtley.

By tom-whatley published March 23, 2021

Reach a Wider Audience, Step Up Your Content Distribution Strategy

You’re confident the content you created is valuable, so why don’t you see the traffic and conversions?

The problem often comes down to distribution. Sure, you execute the usual activities: Post to social platforms, send an email campaign, encourage employees to share. But what about new visitors? Where are they?

You need a more proactive content distribution strategy.

I’ll share several ways to generate fresh traffic to your content. They involve some groundwork but are invaluable for short-term gains. They’ll also have far-reaching effects on building strategic relationships and achieving your SEO goals too.Continue Reading

By tom-whatley published January 25, 2019

5 Ways to Get More People to Your Content

You know you have amazing content, but how do you drive traffic to it? How do you amplify its reach?

I interviewed several top B2B marketers to see how they’re doing it, and learned it starts before the content is created and doesn’t end when you hit “publish.”

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By tom-whatley published September 21, 2016

3 Customer Research Tactics to Help Content Creation


As a marketer, you likely have a comprehensive marketing stack at your disposal — tools to help create compelling content, promote it, etc.

But which tools help you understand the challenges of your audience? Companies that focus on their customers are 60% more profitable than “non-customer-centric” companies according to Deloitte.

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By tom-whatley published March 16, 2016

Content Distribution Strategies and Tools to Drive Traffic


You’re certain that the content you’ve created is valuable, so why are you not seeing the traffic and conversions?

Often the problem is down to distribution. Sure, we execute the usual activities: Share to our social platforms, send out an email campaign, encourage our employees to share. But what about new visitors? Where are they?Continue Reading