Author: David Rossiter

As Creative Director at Enlighten, David Rossiter helps lead a cross-functional team effort to conceive and deliver memorable, results-driven digital experiences. Rossiter's core areas of expertise include brand and market strategy, creative ideation, wordsmithing, digital advertising, mobile, and rich media creation.

By david-rossiter published February 21, 2014

3 Branded Content Formats that Will Rule in 2014

overhead-painter with paper towelFor weeks now marketers have been wading through reports aimed at predicting the year’s upcoming media trends. Marketing strategies, publishing partners — everything’s up for debate as we gauge what’s in store and where to focus our branded content energies in the months to come.

Most forecasts like these are the product of data. Combine shifts in consumer behavior and media consumption habits with surveys of marketers’ plans and you’ve got a pretty clear picture of what to expect. We know, for example, that investments in social media are on the rise. It’s also evident that online video ad spending, which has been steadily growing for years, will continue to find favor with brands. Continue Reading

By david-rossiter published June 10, 2013

5 Branded Content Channels You Need for Better Discoverability

discoverability-branded contentOne of the stumbling blocks of branded content has always been discoverability. Brands put on their creative caps to think up inventive, informative, spectacular content, only to find that it’s going unseen by their target audience. By placing it on their owned media properties, where a fan base hopefully already exists, and by paying for ad placements to connect with new users, they’re doing everything right. Why, then, aren’t they getting the traction they need?

Modern content discoverability is about leveraging all digital media channels for maximum coordinated and integrated exposure and reach. While it’s possible to use each in isolation, combining them with others strengthens their impact and creates added value for consumers. Delivering your content isn’t just about ensuring that it’s viewed. It’s about placing it where consumers have occasion to interact with it in their preferred environment, and then share it with friends. Continue Reading

By david-rossiter published February 9, 2012

Brand Storytelling Lessons You Can Steal from Hollywood

When you work in content marketing, every day brings with it a host of new challenges — none so great as the struggle to innovate. It takes a lot of effort to earn the savvy consumer’s attention these days. Your content must be good enough to woo them, yes, but it must also be good enough to woo them away from your competition.

Over the years content marketers have found the inspiration for this task in some unlikely places, including at the corner of Hollywood and Vine — the center point of Hollywood film marketing. One look at the strange and wonderful subculture that is Hollywood entertainment reveals a glut of new ideas. The techniques may have been devised to promote television and film, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be applied to other content products as well.Continue Reading