Author: Amy Higgins

Amy is a data-obsessed, award-winning, strategic content marketing leader with over a dozen years of experience managing high-performing content marketing, SEO, community, influencer, and social teams. Follow her on Twitter @AmyWHiggins or on LinkedIn.

By amy-higgins published October 26, 2022

Editorial Prenups: How To Create a Happy Content Team With an Operating Contract

Throughout history, women were not granted the right to own property. That’s one reason prenuptial agreements were created, starting with the Married Women’s Property Bill of 1870. They served as a way to make sure a woman could retain marital assets in the event of her husband’s death.

Now I know what you are thinking: Why on earth am I reading about prenups on a content marketing blog?Continue Reading

By amy-higgins published October 18, 2016

7 Tips to Harness Your Event Superpowers


From planning and promotion to execution and follow-up, great events require a killer strategy with a heaping dose of tenacity to pull off. Those who do it well seem superhuman, with powers we mere normals do not possess.

Never fear; a social media event plan is here. Social superpowers … activate.Continue Reading

By amy-higgins published February 19, 2015

Content Strategists Can Follow Their Own Big Bang Theory


A central tenet of content strategy is to create many content assets from the Big Idea. Here we explore how the concept works in practice.

As content marketers, we struggle with the never-ending battle of quantity vs. quality. We want to produce quality content with an extremely high ROI and we want enough content to appeal to all our varied audiences. But too often there’s a tension between quality and quantity.Continue Reading