Author: Konrad Sanders

Konrad is the CEO and content strategist at The Creative Copywriter, a copywriting and content marketing agency with some seriously strategic noggins on their shoulders. His gang of word-slingin’ cowboys take customers on immaculately-planned journeys from first touchpoint to final conversion, using words. Download his free e-book The Fluff-Free Guide to Content Strategy now. Follow him on Twitter @KonradSanders.

By konradsanders published November 12, 2020

Whip Up a Tantalizing Blog Post With These 9 Ingredients

Does anything get the blood pumping like TV’s MasterChef final?

Three wannabe premium chefs are battling for the win.

The clock is ticking.

Who will win?

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By konradsanders published June 21, 2018

It’s Not About the Tea: How to Make Buyer Personas That Really Satisfy


“These buyer personas will help you craft killer content for our client’s audience,” they told me.

They were wrong.

You see, “Marketing Agency X” (unnamed for reasons which will soon become clear) would send us four-page buyer persona descriptions. Each one delved deep into the fictional lives of the characters they had created for their clients – describing a day in the life of that character in Dickens-like detail. And boy, did they love to set a scene:

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By konradsanders published May 7, 2018

Is Your Blog a Golden Egg?

blog-golden-eggI opened a carton of eggs yesterday and one of them was gold. Solid gold.

Crazy, right?

Picture it. Eleven plain egg shells and one glorious dome of gold, glinting on my kitchen counter. I picked it up and, sure enough, it weighed a ton.

I called the supermarket. Apparently, there was some mix-up with the department that supplies golden goose eggs to Jack and Beanstalk land or something.

Anyway, I won’t bore you with the details. The point is, this got me thinking …

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