Author: Daniel Burstein

Daniel Burstein is Director of Editorial Content at MECLABS. Daniel oversees all editorial content coming from the MarketingExperiments and MarketingSherpa brands while helping to shape the editorial direction for MECLABS – working with our team of reporters to dig for actionable information while serving as an advocate for the audience. Daniel is also a frequent speaker and moderator at live events and on webinars. Follow Daniel on Twitter.

By daniel-burstein published May 25, 2014

How Headlines Can Help Your Online Content Find its Audience: 3 Tips

newspaper image-big announcementHere’s a quick quiz: Which of the following two headlines do you think would be more effective at drawing readers’ attention?

  1. Red Sox Gear Up for Spring
  2. Oh Yeah: Time for the Sox

I’ll share the correct answer in just a bit (Don’t just cheat and scroll down. Commit to a headline choice first.), but first, let me set up the underlying challenge this quiz relates to in content marketing terms.Continue Reading

By daniel-burstein published August 11, 2010

Blog Case Study: Three Lessons Learned from a 232% Increase in Visits over Eight Months

Almost every company, whether they see themselves as investing in content marketing or not, has a blog. In fact, so do many individuals. And even a few pets.

There are many blog posts around the Web about exactly what you should be doing on that blog, such as using Blogger because it has the best SEO (hey, it’s owned by Google), writing descriptive headlines, getting a faster hosting company, avoiding Blogger because the pros don’t use it….and on and on.

However, the “what” details only really matter if you’re already delivering on the essentials of what makes a blog worth reading, so  today I want to talk about the how. I’ll discuss three overarching lessons we’ve learned by making simple (but not easy) changes to the MarketingExperiments blog that have resulted in a 232% increase in visits over eight months.Continue Reading