Author: Rick Allen

Rick Allen is the principal of ePublish Media LLC, a content strategy consultancy based in Boston, MA. He is also the co-founder of Meet Content, an online resource dedicated to higher education content strategy. Rick writes and speaks on a "content first" approach to the web in support of marketing, communications, and on-brand user experience. You can catch Rick on Twitter at @epublishmedia.

By rick-allen published April 3, 2012

7 Ways to Generate Blog Content Ideas Using Web Analytics Insight

Writer’s block. Believe me, I’ve been there. Coming up with new blog post topics is tough. After years of blogging, it’s easy to feel as though you’ve written all there is to write about. Wouldn’t it be nice if our readers told us what they’d like to read? Well, actually they do.

Web analytics is often the go-to resource for measuring content quality and understanding user behavior. But it’s also a great resource for evaluating user needs, including the content that users find desirable and valuable. It fact, users tell us what they like every time they visit our website. We just have to stop and listen.

Here are a number of ways web analytics can help you discover what content topics your readers care about.

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By rick-allen published January 11, 2012

Content Marketing: Customer Relationship Management Begins at Home

When we talk about content marketing and relationship management, we often think customers, and rightly so. Customer relationships are a cornerstone of content marketing, especially when we implicitly partner with our customers to create great content. They tell us what content they want — directly or indirectly — and we aim to publish useful, relevant content that meets their needs. But customers aren’t our only stakeholders. If you’re developing a program of successful content marketing, relationship management needs to start at home.

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