Author: Aaron Dun

Aaron Dun is Vice President of Marketing & Strategy at Percussion Software. Dun has over 15 years’ experience leading marketing teams, and connecting marketing performance to sales achievement for technology companies. Aaron holds a BA from Hamilton College and an MBA from Boston University. Follow Aaron on Twitter at @ajdun. To learn more about Percussion Software, visit

By aaron-dun published December 12, 2012

The 3 “Es” of Community-Driven Content Marketing

community-driven contentContent is all around us every day. Some of that content is interesting and engaging. Other content pieces just fly by us, doomed to be ignored. As a simple test of this point, ask yourself, which type of content are you more likely to click on:

Article A:

An alert in your RSS feed that Brand Z has just published a new report on the effectiveness of its widgets in solving problems you may or may not have.

Article B:

A comment and a link in your LinkedIn or Facebook feed from someone with whom you interact regularly about an interesting new approach by Brand X to solving a problem you may or may not have.

I am going to guess that only Brand Z’s marketing director would be likely to choose Article A. Continue Reading

By aaron-dun published May 11, 2012

The New Content Life Cycle: 4 Steps to a More Strategic Approach to Web Content

strategic approach to web content, CMIEvery day we are flooded with information about the latest and greatest social and mobile platforms where people hold conversations, voice opinions, or influence others. Whether it’s Instagram, Google+, Path, or Pinterest, people are flocking to these new social networks.

But companies are now left trying to make sense of which ones they should be paying attention to, what they need to be doing in these channels to gain a competitive advantage, and how it all ties into their overall content marketing strategy. Continue Reading