Author: Val Swisher

Val Swisher is CEO and Founder of Content Rules, Inc. Her firm operates across the entire content life cycle from content strategy, to content development, to what she calls GG&R – governance, global readiness, and ROI. She blogs at and can be found on Twitter @contentrulesinc.

By valswisher published January 29, 2015

Intelligent Content Meets Translation

One of the drivers for using intelligent content is its positive impact on translation. Using intelligent source content can improve the cost, the speed, and the quality of translation – our favorite trifecta. In fact, even though the advantages of intelligent content go far beyond saving money on translation, companies often justify the move to intelligent content (including content management systems, new authoring tools, new workflows, new processes, new teams, etc.) based on the translation ROI alone.Continue Reading

By valswisher published June 29, 2012

The Key Skills You Need to Create Killer Corporate eBooks

corporate eBooks, CMIBack in the olden days, say 4 or 5 years ago, things were simple. Writers wrote. Artists drew. Videographers filmed. The rest of the team knew who to call for each piece we needed in the content development process.

Nowadays, things are different. Technology has advanced and consumer expectations of content have changed dramatically. Gone are the days of reading long-form content. Really. Our customers are expecting — nay, demanding — experiences. Experiences? And you thought you were just creating a white paper. Nope! Not anymore.Continue Reading