Author: Phil Hill

Phil Hill is Founder & CEO of FlashIssue, a curation platform that allows you to rapidly create content for email and social media campaigns. Phil is a successful serial internet entrepreneur with a passion to fix problems faced by business people like himself. In his spare time he loves to mountain bike, build tree houses and hang out with the family (he is also a retired improv actor). Contact Phil at [email protected] or on Twitter @philhill.

By phil-hill published August 27, 2012

3 Steps for Creating Social Content with Usain Bolt-Like Speed

boltWhile it’s beyond most of us mere mortals to run 100 meters in under 10 seconds like Usain Bolt, here are three steps you can use to create social content just as quickly (well nearly, anyway).Continue Reading

By phil-hill published July 17, 2012

Your Best Options for Sharing Content Through Email

sharing content through email, CMICreating quality content is now a prerequisite for social media marketing efforts. Let’s have a look at how email marketing is keeping up with this changing landscape.Continue Reading