Author: Regina Antonio

Regina had over 15 years' experience consulting and managing technical writing and documentation projects for large corporations before transitioning to marketing. In her role today as Director of Marketing at Aditya Birla Minacs, she continually takes on an ever-growing mandate to support business development while driving new initiatives in social media, analyst relations, and public relations.

By reginaantonio published September 25, 2012

How to Transform Your Webinars into a Content Marketing Gift that Keeps on Giving

transform your webinars, CMIWebAttract’s webinar expert Mike Agron opened his Content Marketing World workshop — Webinar Demand Creation for Content Marketers: From Start to Finish — by stating, “Webinars make content marketing come to life in a way that other forms of content marketing don’t.” Today, both small and large brands are relying on webinars as a key part of their content marketing. In this workshop, Mike led the participants through the execution of a webinar from start to finish.

A high performing/high impact webinar will provide the best opportunity to inspire an audience to respond to the presenter’s call to action. To achieve this goal, practically all the stars have to be aligned, as this truly takes a balancing act involving business drivers, logistics, human factors, and technology. Alternatively, one can take heed of the best practices shared in this workshop.Continue Reading

By reginaantonio published September 6, 2012

Distilling the Magic and the Mystery that is Content Marketing Success

Today’s keynote speaker was Marcus Sheridan, an energetic and super passionate advocate of content marketing. His enthusiasm was contagious; but more importantly, he shared some inspired and proven thinking that audience members could immediately apply to their business. His main message? “Content is the greatest sales tool in the world. Period.” In his talk, Marcus dispelled some common mysteries that surround content production.Continue Reading