Author: Ryan Skinner

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By ryan-skinner published April 10, 2013

9 Convincing Arguments to Win Your Content Marketing Budget

hangout on air-content marketing budgetOn March 15, three of the biggest names in content marketing strategy came together at a Google+ Hangout on Air to talk about something we all want more of:


Specifically, they discussed ways that marketers who are keen on content strategies can win the backing they need — and the budgetary support they need — to proceed with a plan.Continue Reading

By ryan-skinner published January 3, 2013

The 10-Minute Content Marketing Buyer Guide

10-minute content marketing buyer guideEvery content marketing effort should succeed. Sadly, they don’t. Take the right preparatory steps to get off to the right start.

Thought leadership about content marketing is full of truisms that apply to all marketing: Know your audience, measure results, etc. This post does not do that. Nor does it try to convince you to do content marketing (I’ll assume you’re already there).

This aims to be the stuff you should know that relates specifically to content marketing, and only to content marketing — particularly for the business practitioner.Continue Reading