Author: Nancy Liberman

Nancy Liberman is chief marketing officer for Dailybreak Media. She has extensive experience in branding, corporate identity and awareness initiatives, marketing communications, demand generation and sales support efforts, and budget management. Follow Dailybreak Media on Twitter @DailybreakMedia, or follow Nancy @nancy02129.

By nancy-liberman published February 20, 2014

Why Your Branded Content Marketing Should Put Gaming Into Play

future of marketing-start pageReaching and engaging consumers in today’s digital, always-connected marketplace requires unprecedented multi-platform, cross-promotional messaging agility. Content marketing techniques employ a gamut of informative, educational, useful, and entertaining assets that are ideally coordinated to deliver consistent, yet targeted, messages about a brand to meticulously segmented audience groups.

One particular engagement technique that’s gaining traction is the use of gamified content. Often delivered as a native advertising unit, it’s a strategy that combines branded content within interactive opt-in tools like social media, games, and events — all designed to foster two-way relationships with consumers. It includes the introduction of quizzes, contests, and challenges to pull consumers into branded content.Continue Reading

By nancy-liberman published January 7, 2013

Content Strategy: 4 Tips for Communicating at Every Customer Stage

content marketing personalized, useful contentContent marketing has become an irrefutable focal point for many global brands. But it’s not just about transforming marketing and sales collateral to drive a customer conversation and feign interest and insight into customers’ interests and needs. It’s about using that insight on your customer’s digital behaviors to create and publish the “right content” — personalized, informative, and entertaining — in order to effectively build relationships in ways that big splashy TV ads and repetitive radio spots can’t. Continue Reading